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MoviePass Is Coming! …Eventually!

I wanted to make a quick update on MoviePass.  I did get an update from their support that there is a delay in delivery of new cards due to the large influx of new subscribers.  This is entirely understandable.  The current wait is 2-3 weeks.  Tomorrow will mark two weeks since the order was placed, so there’s a chance it will arrive sometime in the next few days.  By next weekend I should be able to give an honest review of the service.  I hadn’t lost hope and the fact that they did issue a public apology and explanation is good enough for me.

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Trying MoviePass… Maybe?


On Sunday, the 27th of August, I subscribed to to the service MoviePass.  I downloaded the app, got everything ready, then all I had to do was wait for the arrival of the debit cards in the mail.  Yes.  This is an online service that still requires you to wait for snail mail.  The idea is, you go to the theater, pick your movie and time, then when you are there, MoviePass loads your card with the exact ticket cost for that ticket.  You get one per day per account at $9.95 per month.

There’s just one problem: The cards have not arrived yet.  After nearly two weeks, I’m still waiting on them to show up.  Now I chalk this up to the Labor Day weekend and the surge of storms raging from the Atlantic possibly slowing things down, as well as a known influx of subscribers after it was announced they would be changing format.  I have heard mostly-positive reviews of the service with the primary complaints being getting everything set up can be a pain.  I can empathize already and I haven’t even been able to use the service.  A second complaint about MoviePass subscriptions is it is only one subscription per person.  So, couples, friends, siblings, ect., who want to frequent theaters together will be out of luck.  At this time, MoviePass has not launched a “couples plan” per se.  Instead, if you want to share the movie experience with someone else, they have to have their own, separate paid subscription.  One post from what is presumed to be a MoviePass support agent does clarify that they “hope to add couples and family plans in the future!” (source).  I can only presume this is a delay caused by the change in format and the future addition of this plan will likely rely on the service’s success in the long run.

Now as for having to wait for the debit card to come in, I would say in an age where online transactions are ubiquitous for just about anything, the delay caused by a debit card having to arrive by mail for a service such as this is baffling and can only be explained by MoviePass not getting proper cooperation from the appropriate corporations in order to give subscribers a way to pay for your tickets online as it would require an intermediary like Fandango, for-instance.  I am hoping to see my card arrive by this weekend so I can get some use out of my plan, but I am not going to hold my breath.  Not to say I do not believe they are coming at all, but given it has taken far longer than the 5-7 business days notice, I cannot be certain they will show up in a reasonable time.

I will write up another review of the service after I’ve had the chance to use it a few times.  I don’t want to use it once, have a good or bad experience, then judge the entire service on that one subjective, anecdotal experience.  I would rather give a review of MoviePass based on a longer-term experience.  Maybe after a few weekends of service I will be ready to really judge it for what it is.

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