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Irene Looms…

It’s Monday and the start of the storm began to hit us this morning although it was very minor.  I hope to have a First Impressions game review posted sometime today or tomorrow.  I’m working from home today, so I’m sitting in my usual chair, hoping I do not get too bored, though I doubt I will have a chance to be.  I am going to be working on an article for the site PlaySomeVideoGames as well.  So standby despite the weekend and the freaking superstorm, by God I am still going to write!

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MoviePass Is Coming! …Eventually!

I wanted to make a quick update on MoviePass.  I did get an update from their support that there is a delay in delivery of new cards due to the large influx of new subscribers.  This is entirely understandable.  The current wait is 2-3 weeks.  Tomorrow will mark two weeks since the order was placed, so there’s a chance it will arrive sometime in the next few days.  By next weekend I should be able to give an honest review of the service.  I hadn’t lost hope and the fact that they did issue a public apology and explanation is good enough for me.

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A Note on the Coming Storm…

I wanted to make a note that there may be a delay in posts for next week.  I am currently in the path for some remnant storms from Hurricane Irene so if I am without power, Internet access or time to write, that would explain any delays over the weekend into the first half of next week.  I still plan to get some articles posted for this weekend so stay with me and I give my best wishes to everyone in the storm’s path this weekend.

Thank you…

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